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A new way to supercharge the effectiveness of your coaching programmes and offer coaching to everyone in your organisation.

We all know that coaching can be the making of high-potential individuals, and your organisation too. But while the way organisations work has evolved, coaching has largely stayed the same - and that's holding back organisations at a time when they can't afford to lose competitive advantage.

That's why at Connor we're taking a new approach to how coaching is run in organisations. We've created a new way for organisations to provide coaching to their people - enabling them to take advantage of coaching wherever they are, whatever their schedule, however they prefer to learn. In fact, it can even help you make coaching more cost-effective, helping you offer coaching out to more people in your organisation.

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When your business improves and evolves so should your coaching programmes. This blog shows why current coaching programmes aren't delivering value for money.

BLOG: How to get more value from coaching

Coaching programmes need to deliver maximum value in the modern workplace. Our blog shows you three ways modern coaching should flex to the needs of individuals.

USE CASE: Chris' story

See how Chris uses adaptive coaching to offer coaching out to her whole organisation.

USE CASE: Georgia's story

See how Georgia fits coaching into her busy work and home life through adaptive coaching.

BLOG: The coaching model is broken

This blog talks about how the traditional coaching model is broken in 3 different ways. It explains how the programmes have failed to keep pace with changes in working life, reducing their ROI.

BLOG: How to fix the broken coaching model

This blog discusses in more detail how to fix the 'broken' coaching model by making coaching more agile, flexible, and fit-for-purpose.

USE CASE: Piers' story

See how Piers manages to offer coaching to his entire senior leadership team using adaptive coaching.


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Coaching with Connor: an expert approach that drives tangible results

Our clients tell us that our coaching is different for a few reasons. Firstly, we make sure our coaching is because it is underpinned by the outcomes your people want to achieve. We provide them with a safe place to think, reflect and change, whilst offering the right level of challenge – supporting individuals outside their comfort zone.

Secondly, we take great care to ensure that your people work with the right coach for them. Our chemistry matching process enables coachees to talk with a range of professionally accredited and carefully selected coaches, and select one that matches their learning style, personality and objectives. This helps ensure that everyone gets the best out of their coaching investment - the coachee, and your organisation.

In fact, the third reason clients say our coaching stands out is that we always link coaching back to the organisation's objectives, as well as the individuals. By blending pre-, during and post-coaching diagnostics and support, we can help you demonstrate a return on your coaching investment and help ensure that coaching truly benefits your organisation.

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