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Brexit is bringing the potential for massive changes to how organisations need to operate in the UK. Savvy organisations are drawing up their plans now to minimise disruption to their business as the UK leaves the EU. With the right plans in place, organisations won't just survive Brexit - they'll thrive. 

Do you know how you will be impacted?

Do you have a plan to mitigate that impact?

Do you have a roadmap for executing that plan?


If not, you're not alone


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A recent poll conducted by Connor shows that 75% of organisations haven't appointed anyone in their organisation to examine and mitigate the impacts of Brexit. With time running out before the UK exits the EU, the time to act is now.

Connor can help you evaluate your organisation's readiness for Brexit, and start to build out a roadmap for getting your organisation Brexfit. This includes:

  • Identifying high-risk areas in your organisation that will need attention
  • Mapping out the impact of any changes across your organisation
  • Advice and guidance on how best to mitigate risks and capitalise on opportunities

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Your free consultation could take many forms. In the past we've run half-day workshops for organisations, facilitated peer-led discussions on the subject, or even had an informal chat over a cup of coffee.

At Connor we know that every organisation is unique - so the support we offer is unique to every organisation.

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