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How to demonstrate ROI from your people development programmes

A practical guide for your organisation

How to demonstrate ROI from your people development programmes is a short, useful guide on how to show the value of your training activities.

People development activities - do you measure their commercial impact?

Today, people development is all about quantifiable improvements in performance. Its about making sure that your employees have the right resilience, innovation and behaviours to perform better, beat the competition and achieve commercial success for you. But many organisations don't measure the impact from their people development programmes and therefore may not be able to show a tangible return on investment and a connection to performance.

Read more here on how and to bring the financials to the boardroom and show, without doubt, how your people development programme will contribute to the bottom line.

The guide covers how to:

  • develop a programme that links to your organisation's strategy
  • achieve buy-in at a senior level and obtain budget approval
  • measure results to demonstrate quantifiable outcomes including behavioural change and improved performance

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